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Craig Weber

Craig Weber helps people and teams improve their performance by treating dialogue as a discipline.

The author of the bestselling book, Conversational Capacity: The Secret To Building Successful Teams That Perform When The Pressure Is On (McGraw-Hill, 2013), he’s the founder of The Weber Consulting Group, an alliance of experts committed to helping people build more engaged, healthy, and adaptive organizations:

  • Engaged: they help clients create an environment in which people do meaningful work that contributes to success of their team while learning skills that serve them well beyond the workplace.
  • Healthy: they help clients build and lead organizations that are good for people, good for business (no matter what “business” they’re in), and good for the community.
  • Adaptive: they help clients learn to shift their thinking to fit a new problem rather than interpret a problem to fit their old thinking. His work stands out because it provides more than just good ideas — it provides practical skills for putting those ideas to work.

Famous for his sharp, engaging, and inspiring style, Craig is a sought after consultant and presenter. In 2012 he was awarded the prestigious Vistage International Speaker Of The Year award, and in 2015 he was named the TEC-Canada Speaker Of The Year.

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Conversational Capacity

by Craig Weber

Conversational Capacity isn't just another aspect of effective teamwork—it defines it. A team that cannot talk about its most pressing issues isn't really a team at all. It's just a group of people that can't work together effectively when it counts.

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What people are saying:

"“Every business school in the world should assign Conversational Capacity as required reading."

“Craig Weber has a gift for connecting what it means to build healthy relationships with the nuts and bolts of running an organization."

"Practical, effective, proven communication tools to get to the heart of issues and build team resilience."