The Weber Consulting Group is an alliance of experts committed to helping people build more resilient, healthy, and agile organizations.

We help our clients improve their performance by strengthening their ability to address their most pressing workplace issues. Our unique approach centers on building the capacity for adaptive learning – the ability to think smarter, faster, and together in the face of difficult, unfamiliar, messy challenges.

Speaking Engagements

Craig Weber is the recipient of the distinguished Vistage International Speaker Of The Year; an honor bestowed on the top performer in a bureau with over a 1,000 speakers.

His presentations are more than just flashy motivational tripe. Craig delivers substantive, useful, high-impact content with his signature humor and engaging style.

For more information about booking Craig for a speaking event, contact us.

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Coaching / Advising

What are the significant challenges that face your project, organization, community, or team? What are you up against?

Our coaching and advisory services cover a wide range of topics and strategies, helping you improve the performance of your team and organization. This may include building your own skills, wrestling with tough decisions, implementing change, resolving conflicts, improving a process, building (or re-building) a work relationship.

We’ll work with you to find answers to the following questions:

  • How routine or adaptive are the challenges you’re up against?
  • What will your team or organization have to learn to meet these challenges effectively?
  • What is your individual role in helping the team and organization move forward in a healthy, balanced, learning-focused way?
  • What are the important issues – internal or external – around which you’d like to have more productive influence?
  • On what problems would you like to get more traction?
  • And to perform that role well, what will you have to learn?

Leadership, management and team development

Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes
– Peter Drucker

Even if you have the right people, technology, strategy, products, services, and resources at your disposal, your organization will underperform if its ability to learn under pressure is too low. A central task of effective leadership, therefore, is capacity building — investing in your organization’s ability to successfully engage its current and future challenges.

Creating an environment that is open, balanced and learning-focused under pressure can transform how your organization performs. We can help you create it. We can help you build a team that responds to tough issues with less defensiveness and more learning; less rigidity and more agility; less distraction and more focus.

For more insight into our work check out these workshop descriptions:


What are the biggest challenges facing your team, project, or organization? Growth? Change? Competition? Reducing costs? Destructive conflicts? Tough decisions? Anemic performance? The urgent need for greater efficiency? Building more effective client relationships? A glaring gap between your strategic intentions and your corporate culture? Disruptive technologies? Working more effectively with suppliers?

No matter what you’re up to or up against, we can help you build clear strategies, shared frameworks, and actionable skills that pull your people together to face that predicament in a vigorous, collaborative and highly effective way.

Our focused analysis, feedback and intervention process is grounded in an exceptional body of social science. It’s been applied, tested, and refined in a wide range of circumstances – it works.